Grace, the cat teaches perspective

Today a friend came over for a little bit and when she left I sent a text saying “awww, she misses you! She has not moved since you walked out of the door!! Then I sent this picture.

She said “LOL! No she’s not! She’s staring at the poop bag!”

I said “Ok so maybe she moved her head slightly when I captured the moment.”


It’s all about perspective. We can choose to see the joy in things or the poop. Honestly, either way you look at this short story it is about joy! Because the cat was happy doing whatever it was she was doing… I keep wondering if she saw freedom outside the door or if she really did want the attention back. Maybe the poop bag was entertaining. Cats are weird but hysterical. I laughed about this conversation a few times today.

Remember to look at your glass half full. If you find it looking half empty then let’s talk about some things that can fill your cup back up! The glass is always refillable!!!

Love y’all and thanks for reading, liking and following me!

Katie and Grace

(She is actually laying across my neck making it difficult to type!)

Published by My Saving Grace

I am just an ordinary girl that has been through more than most people in my short life. I want to help others heal and overcome life's difficult moments by sharing mine. If I help one person then I have done my part. My main goal is to help victims of Sexual Assault find Hope, Healing and Peace from the most difficult thing a person can ever go through. It is a long journey but we will do this together.

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