It’s ok to just be ok

This week has been a little tough. I finally made some calls I have been needing to make. Sorry for the vagueness but since there is still an investigation going on and “he” is out on bail I think it’s best if I am vague.My calls consisted of answering all the questions I had to answer the night it happened again and again. I can say that I did not cry. I felt a lot of anger. But later that evening I felt numb. I am seeing a Counselor and Psychiatrist and for the most part my moods are stabilizing. But my point is trauma has a mind of its own and no matter how many yoga classes, meditations, happy thoughts, positive energy and situations you put yourself in, YOU CAN NOT control PTSD. And it’s ok.It’s ok to be happy.It’s ok to be angry.It’s ok to be sad.It’s not ok to walk this journey alone. Please seek help and if you do not know how then contact me and I will help you! I have a ton of amazing resources.Basically ⬆️ is how I get through each day. One step at a time. Sometimes one hour at a time and sometimes even a minute at a time. In the morning the drink of choice is coffee with cream and sugar. At night it varies based on the mood. I am trying my hardest to stick with water or a crisp Coca-Cola! Because I sure do not want to make my anxiety or depression worse just from enjoying a bottle of wine! Oh, I mean glass!#savinggrace #mysavinggrace #healing

Published by My Saving Grace

I am just an ordinary girl that has been through more than most people in my short life. I want to help others heal and overcome life's difficult moments by sharing mine. If I help one person then I have done my part. My main goal is to help victims of Sexual Assault find Hope, Healing and Peace from the most difficult thing a person can ever go through. It is a long journey but we will do this together.

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