Be Genuine vs. Polite

I wish people would stop being polite and just be real!

This thought occurred to be while trying to fall asleep one night last week.

Do you really think about your reply back to the person who says to you, “Good morning, Jane!  How are you?”  I feel like most people reply with, “Good morning, Jack!  I am good, how are you?”  Because let’s face it, do you really dread what happens when someone says. “I am terrible, how are you?”  Instantly, you think great now I have to talk to them about something or at least listen for 10-15 minutes.

What would happen if we all began changing our approach to this seemingly ordinary exchange of words, in order to actually make impact on lives?  Maybe nothing.  But possibly the night before that person had a handful of pills waiting to take them, decided to wait one more day then you took time to care and give them part of yourself.  Ten minutes, huge impact.  Of course, this is worst case scenario but think about times you have been down like when my dog crossed the rainbow bridge.  I said these words, “I am great, how are you?”  I was not genuine, I did not mean an ounce of it.  I wanted someone to say, “I know you are not okay” and give me a hug.  But I did not want to be noticed or notice anything else going on around me.  I believe we all focus on ourselves too much and forget other people need a smile, kind word, pat on the back, high five, or hug.

So, I am challenging myself and all of you to be more genuine.  Let’s make impact on lives!  All lives!!!!!  All humans!!!!

My conversations are going to change to, “Good morning, Jack! How was your daughters recital?” Or “How is that project at your house going?”

People know when you are genuine, real, kind, and warm.  It is probably important to note, that a warm greeting from you heart will be received better than a quick reply similar to the one you just received at the coffee pot.



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