Is it really June 6?!

Hey Lovely People!

I am completely blown away that it is June. It seems like yesterday the quarantine began and we were all trying to figure out how to navigate this unknown time. I have several posts that I need to get done. These should be entertaining, I hope.

I am adding some revenue generating information and annoying things such as ads. I first and foremost value your opinion. If there is anything troublesome or frustrating to you, please let me know via my contact me page. I will do what I can to fix the issue ASAP.

I am not working. I lost my job due to this new time in our lives. I was upset at first. I realized it was God, giving me the push I needed to begin the next chapter of completing my Masters Degree. I began an internship last week and I am exstatic about the new adventure.

All of that being said, I should have more time for my creativity to shine!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Stay safe! We all matter!



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