My Homemade Fountain

I love water and the sound of water is pleasing to my soul. I also love rocks. I collect them and have as long as I can remember. I guess, you could say I am definitely a Pisces!

I made this fountain in 2014. A few weeks ago I decided to take the entire thing apart and clean it really good. What in the world was I thinking? It was such a horrible idea but has given me some inspiration. I posted a picture on my hobby plant page and someone wanted the instructions on how I made it. I posted a snapchat and same thing! So here we go!

I wanted to use wine bottles because I love the color of these wine bottles. The directions can be edited for any thrift store finds or items you like and fit your garden theme!

Materials needed:

  • plastic wine barrel flower pot
  • metal lattis
  • thrift store box springs
  • bailing wire
  • wine bottles
  • tubing for water from pump to bottles
  • lubricant for plumbing
  • T – splitter hose adapter
  • metal stainless clamps
  • pump cover (keeps pump clean of debris, I used a nursery pot and cut it to fit)
  • rocks and possibly concrete stones
  • diamond bit for drilling
  • an additional person
  • towels
  • gloves
  • safety glasses
  • silicone (outdoor, waterproof)
  • patience
2014 Wine Bottle Fountain – Original

I would like to start off by saying, you may want to have several wine bottles lined up to practice on. Also, the cheaper bottles are more difficult to drill without breaking. I think it took ten bottles before the process was working how we wanted it too.

To start the drilling process, we first used a towel on the table outside to position the bottle right. It takes two people because you need to keep the surface wet. The drill bit is going to drill about a half inch hole. It takes a minute to figure out the best way to make this happen without cracking the glass. The final solution was to drill with the bottle standing for a few seconds, then lay it on the towel with another person streaming a small amount of water over the area. The glass gives a little right before it goes through the bottle. Be careful, this is the tricky part! Once you kinda have the hang of it, just drill all of them at one time. I promise you will be glad that you did.

Next, I found a metal lattis that I like the shape of and we cut off the bottom 3-4′ and bent the metal forward, fit everything inside the wine barrel to check scale. The concrete blocks will help keep the lattis in place. Then, the springs were added to the lattis to hold the bottles at an angle. I used baling wire. The lattis and springs were then spray painted with black rustoleum. Place the dried lattis inside the barrel and put the concrete blocks on the remaining bent metal to keep it in place.

Then, assemble the pump and the three different splits so you have four lines to the bottles. You can customize this anyway you want. Make sure you use the lubricant on the t- joints, and anywhere there is a seam. Lubrication helps water seal the piping/tubing in water and keep it from leaking.

Here is a picture of this….also, the disgusting hard water that I was attempting to clean up. It is 2020, so honestly, I feel pretty good about it working so well still. Why did I take it apart? You can also see that I clamped the hoses in place as well to keep everything secure.

Original fountain as I was taking it apart.
Clean rocks, new tubing, wire cutters, box cutter (I have no idea what I was thinking, do not try this)

Yay, the rocks are clean.

This was where I split all the tubes from the pump. Basically, just duplicate this for your own design and how many water spouts you need.

The New 2020 fountain. The random hose that is hanging out goes to the fourth bottle. But I did not have a splicer. Explanation below.

Originally, I used 1/2″ tubing for the entire project. But the original holes for the blue bottles were cut at an angle and the hose fit perfectly. The new holes are cut perpendicular and these bottle were actually for a different project. They were already cut, so I decided to just go with it and save time on the redo. Because, when I took the hose out of the original bottles to clean them, I shattered them. All four of them. Blue glass shards everywhere. I think this is the part where I grabbed a Shiner, Ruby Redbird to help ease the pain or soften the blow. You can probably get by with one size of tubing also. So, plan accordingly. Drill holes, then go to the store. (pond supplies and plumbing supplies) All the pond supplies were picked through pretty well so I could not change to the smaller hose for the entire project, until they get the adapter for the pump in. I had to make it complicated. I used half inch tubing until right before the bottle. I then used a splicer to go from 1/2″ to 3/8″ and then the tube fit right into the bottles without being scared of breaking.

Last but not least, turn everything on and check for leaking. We used a ton of silicone the first time. I would probably hold off a week or two on this to make sure you get everything just right. Silicone makes it quite a bit more permanent and that is why my bottles broke.

Finally, layer your decorative rocks in a way that creates a waterfall or sound that you like, and enjoy.

I love my fountain. I keep it going most of the year until we hit December through March. It is best to move it to the garage but you can also use a heavy duty grill cover once you remove all the water and it will be just fine.

Let me know if you have questions or need help!

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Be Genuine vs. Polite

I wish people would stop being polite and just be real!

This thought occurred to be while trying to fall asleep one night last week.

Do you really think about your reply back to the person who says to you, “Good morning, Jane!  How are you?”  I feel like most people reply with, “Good morning, Jack!  I am good, how are you?”  Because let’s face it, do you really dread what happens when someone says. “I am terrible, how are you?”  Instantly, you think great now I have to talk to them about something or at least listen for 10-15 minutes.

What would happen if we all began changing our approach to this seemingly ordinary exchange of words, in order to actually make impact on lives?  Maybe nothing.  But possibly the night before that person had a handful of pills waiting to take them, decided to wait one more day then you took time to care and give them part of yourself.  Ten minutes, huge impact.  Of course, this is worst case scenario but think about times you have been down like when my dog crossed the rainbow bridge.  I said these words, “I am great, how are you?”  I was not genuine, I did not mean an ounce of it.  I wanted someone to say, “I know you are not okay” and give me a hug.  But I did not want to be noticed or notice anything else going on around me.  I believe we all focus on ourselves too much and forget other people need a smile, kind word, pat on the back, high five, or hug.

So, I am challenging myself and all of you to be more genuine.  Let’s make impact on lives!  All lives!!!!!  All humans!!!!

My conversations are going to change to, “Good morning, Jack! How was your daughters recital?” Or “How is that project at your house going?”

People know when you are genuine, real, kind, and warm.  It is probably important to note, that a warm greeting from you heart will be received better than a quick reply similar to the one you just received at the coffee pot.




“Love Triangle”

This will be the first of many controversial posts. These are my stories, not yours. My takes on things I would do different now that I know how I was affected by these things.

Driving home from Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, I heard the song “Love Triangle” by RaeLynn.  The lyrics are very powerful to a child who grew up in a divorced home. Holidays were always bittersweet. I only saw one of my parents. I never saw both on holidays. As a child it is difficult to understand.

If you are considering divorce and have kids please take my words to heart.

Do not ever speak badly about your ex to your children. Do not ever fight in front of your children. If you need to have a neutral zone to drop off the kids then do so. I was always dropped off with a grandparent and picked up by the other grandparents or parent. Kids are so smart and pick up on everything. The harm that these actions cause is insurmountable.

Remember this: At one point you loved your spouse enough to vow to spend your lives together through sickness and health….you made a child or children together. Respect each other and your children enough to let them figure things out for themselves. Do not use your children to hurt each other.

Your children will respect you more if you let them grow in their time. But wait until they are old enough to understand because even as a 38 year old….this shit is real and hard to understand. It hurts to the core. It causes pain you could never imagine. It also keeps them from being happy for years and not knowing why.

Behavior is very much learned. I was sent to a counselor, I was also quick to pick up on what she was doing. I never once told her the truth. I knew she was telling my Mom everything. Do you really think your child is going to tell anyone what is really wrong when both parents are using said child to hurt each other? Give your kids some credit. They hear more than you know. They see more than you think. They feel deeper and more honestly and lovingly than you. Children are still in their honest pure form until they start learning that life just simply is not easy.

I am certain I will update this post at some point. There is a lot I would like to add or change. I just keep feeling like there are things I am supposed to share for a reason. Not because I have demons or frustrations about things because I am healing through my studies as a counseling student and seeing a counselor as well.

For now…take care. Feel free to comment. I would be appreciative of any feedback.



Erase and re-record

Hey Everyone!

I am sorry I have not been around much! I have been extremely busy with work and school. I am finally enjoying some time reading books for fun for a change also. The past weeks a few things have occurred to me and I feel like everyone. Reds to hear these things! So I will share a couple stories with you.

Today, I was leaving a message for a customer and I could not get it together. So I erased it and re-recorded the message two times. Now wouldn’t it be great if life were like that. Yes, absolutely! But it is not. That is why we must have strong faith. He helps guide us to our goals. We all mess up. This is what life is about. Learning from our mistakes. What would we learn if we erased everything and started over every time something undesirable happened?!

I know without a doubt that if I had not been through the trauma that my life would be completely different.

Trauma can either break you or rebuild you.

You have to make a choice here.

It’s not fair. But do you want to spend every day the rest of your life miserable?

Or do you want to say, “this happened but, now I am helping pick other people off the ground because of it!”

It is your choice. You can keep your recording the same or you can scratch a line through it and record new things.

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Students opinions on popular topics – WSJ Series

WSJ New series allowing students to sound off on politics and such! I like the first installment. It’s a great point! Definitely going to follow this series and they give a link to submit your own opinions.

I started this post on January 29th. I changed the design of my page and it never posted. I am sure I had more to say about it. But that seems like years ago.

See today’s post here.

Is it really June 6?!

Hey Lovely People!

I am completely blown away that it is June. It seems like yesterday the quarantine began and we were all trying to figure out how to navigate this unknown time. I have several posts that I need to get done. These should be entertaining, I hope.

I am adding some revenue generating information and annoying things such as ads. I first and foremost value your opinion. If there is anything troublesome or frustrating to you, please let me know via my contact me page. I will do what I can to fix the issue ASAP.

I am not working. I lost my job due to this new time in our lives. I was upset at first. I realized it was God, giving me the push I needed to begin the next chapter of completing my Masters Degree. I began an internship last week and I am exstatic about the new adventure.

All of that being said, I should have more time for my creativity to shine!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Stay safe! We all matter!



It is already written, why change it?

Romans 12:12

— Read on savinggracesupportgroup.org/2018/06/26/romans-1212/

This is a tough pill to swallow here. Just hear me out. Read these words every day for a week. Then let’s talk about your thoughts.

I have been thinking over and over the same words from Matthew 5:44 and Romans 12:14. Bless those who persecute you. Suffer in silence. Faithfully pray. Rejoice in hope.

These are the words our nation needs now more than ever.

He always has the answers we need. We just need to merely listen.

“Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days. Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.”

‭‭Revelation‬ ‭2:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬

All for now,

Kat ❤

Say His Name

This is well written. I read it from my subscription to her ministry. As I searched, and scrolled each blog I subscribe to looking for this post I was overwhelmed by how many of the blogs I follow are discussing this very same day when George Floyd was murdered in an absolutely disgustingly evil way. In front of people begging for the cop to stop. Mr. Floyd and countless others begging for the cop to stop. Begging. It makes me so nauseous. Read this post. Pray.

George Floyd. Victim of the police brutality in Minneapolis, Minnesota this past Monday, after a cop kneeled on his neck. This disgusting …

Say His Name

Video Check-in?

How would y’all feel about a weekly check in video?

I am thinking something short and sweet with a how are we really doing this week with COVID-19?

Maybe you think more often would be better?! I’m ok with that, I just feel that I need a goal set on what I am doing to help you all.

Maybe, even if some sort of response happens I will set a really cool goal of something I am not comfortable with happening if followers reach 1k, 2.5k and 5k ?!

You Choose What “Different” Looks Like…

Today, I spent the day with one of my new bff’s. It is absolutely like we were made for each other. I picked her up around 7am after she had just gotten off work from a 12 hour shift. We (ok, I) drove two hours away to a continuing ed class for Play Therapy/Ethics. We do not have our licenses yet but we really wanted to go. It was one of the best decisions I have made so far since beginning my Masters.

As we sat at lunch with our new friends we talked and discussed. Listened. Each one of us said, “that’s why we do this” at least once. We all have a story. God has written our story way before we even knew what that meant. He listens and helps guide your story depending on the choices you make. Ultimately, it is up to us to choose happy.

It’s not all roses and sunshine. If the sky were always grey and we didn’t have coffee our outlook could feel cold. However, we are able to get up and make that hot water for tea or coffee and just live a minute at a time. Even if that minute is the hardest minute you have ever felt. It will get better and there is always hope in the morning.

I will do my best to get better at this writing thing. I’m learning how to fight my battles through hundreds of pages of papers I have written for school. (By the way, that song is great!) Michael W. Smith “Fight my battles”

“And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.”

‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭5:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬


Cat’s can fly

I have conquered many fears this year.  But not one, can prepare you for a 3 am cat flying at your head and awakening you from a deep slumber of doxepin.  I screamed, “AHHHHHH!”  Then, “Damnit”.  I go down the hall to the bathroom farthest away so in case I cuss some more its not heard by anyone.  Anyone meaning, the cats, dog or Matt.  Why did I find it necessary for them to not hear my cussing, I guess because it was 3 am and I was woken by something flying at me resembling a huge flying squirrel.

It is important to overcome fear because anxiety is detrimental to your health. But staying observant and positioned so that you know your escape route is also important for anyone and especially trauma victims.

Learning to balance this can take time.

  • Recognize triggers without reacting
  • Keeping a quarter in your pocket to flip over and over may be helpful or something similar, just anything so that you can begin connecting triggers and responses
  • Keep a journal of trigger, actions, feelings (even the pit of stomachache). All things even if they seem silly
  • Being aware and taking note will become second nature
  • Suddenly you realize, my stomach doesn’t feel great right before an anxiety attack or maybe it was a headache for you

We all respond differently.

Hope this is helpful to someone!


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