Healing and Day of Rest

Yesterday I spent the day studying bible scriptures and drinking coffee. It was a long week and I was pretty worn out so I watched the live church service on our local network. I know that is a terrible excuse for not actually going to a service at my church. “But he was pierced forContinue reading “Healing and Day of Rest”

Help me get followers and likes please!!!!!

  I want 100 followers by July 4th. I have two gift cards of unspeakable value. Follower 100 gets first pick. Then I will have a randomizer pick the other one. But if it does happen before the 4th there will be an extra festive gift in the package! Also I have this…. Saving GraceContinue reading “Help me get followers and likes please!!!!!”

Losing Faith and Finding it Again

The first few weeks after the assault I felt like I was losing my faith. It’s hard to explain unless you have been there but everything you have ever known and trusted has been crushed. You start questioning everything including the assault itself. You have people telling you what you need to do and youContinue reading “Losing Faith and Finding it Again”

Grace…the little black cat

My life completely changed in September 2017.  It was September 12, 2017 to be exact.  I was sexually assaulted.  I am a survivor.  I had no idea how much of an impact being called a “survivor” would be until I started learning everything I could about sexual assault and the related statistics.  I have beenContinue reading “Grace…the little black cat”