Grace, the little black cat

This little cat is everything I hoped and needed. She loves to cuddle and has fur as soft as a bunny. She is weighing in at 4-5 lbs. Now, don’t get all crazy on me like I am not feeding the kid. She is 8 inches tall at the nape of the neck and 9 inches long from nape of neck to her tail. The space between her ears is 1.5 inches. She is tiny. Her hair is thickening up with proper nutrition and she is absolutely full of life.

Cats love R+F as much as people!
Grace checking out my R+F kit

Grace talks constantly. She always wants a treat. I am spoiling her for a little longer and will start backing off. She has not even been here a full three months yet. Grace does not like when she can see the bottom of her food bowl at all. The minute you fix it she is quiet and peaceful. 😂 Even if the little pest does not want to eat at that moment. The bowl must not have a single sliver of silver coming through.

Grace has also started playing constantly. She barely sleeps, unless you are. As long as you are awake and moving around, she wants to be in the middle of it. This is so cool to me because I have never had a cat like this. I think she truly appreciates being saved.

We are having a great time but definitely need to work on those razor sharp claws. I feel like I am now living with Edward Sissorhands.

But I love her so much! We are saving each other…Saving Grace is saving me!

#savinggrace #rescuecat #mysavinggrace #minileopard #razorsforclaws

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