It is already written, why change it?

Romans 12:12 — Read on This is a tough pill to swallow here. Just hear me out. Read these words every day for a week. Then let’s talk about your thoughts. I have been thinking over and over the same words from Matthew 5:44 and Romans 12:14. Bless those who persecute you. SufferContinue reading “It is already written, why change it?”

Say His Name

This is well written. I read it from my subscription to her ministry. As I searched, and scrolled each blog I subscribe to looking for this post I was overwhelmed by how many of the blogs I follow are discussing this very same day when George Floyd was murdered in an absolutely disgustingly evil way.Continue reading “Say His Name”

Video Check-in?

How would y’all feel about a weekly check in video? I am thinking something short and sweet with a how are we really doing this week with COVID-19? Maybe you think more often would be better?! I’m ok with that, I just feel that I need a goal set on what I am doing toContinue reading “Video Check-in?”

Be Genuine vs. Polite

I wish people would stop being polite and just be real! This thought occurred to be while trying to fall asleep one night last week. Do you really think about your reply back to the person who says to you, “Good morning, Jane!  How are you?”  I feel like most people reply with, “Good morning,Continue reading “Be Genuine vs. Polite”


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