Grace…the little black cat

My life completely changed in September 2017.  It was September 12, 2017 to be exact.  I was sexually assaulted.  I am a survivor.  I had no idea how much of an impact being called a “survivor” would be until I started learning everything I could about sexual assault and the related statistics.  I have been trying to find how to heal and find hope ever since that day.  I knew I was going to do something big to help change the world.  I just had no idea that a little black cat would give me the inspiration.

Grace is a rescue cat.  She is the size of a kitten.  Her neck is 5 inches around and when I first brought her home she was very sick.  The first ten days she had 8 different medications 2-3 times daily.   You could feel her spine and ribs, even with all the hair.


Now she is full of life and energy.  Her hair is getting thicker, feels like a rabbit and is super shiny.  She has adjusted quite well…minus the small issues with the litter box being where she wants it.  (She clearly rules the house already.)  I will probably come back to the littler box issues because it’s quite a story.  There has not been one day that this sweet little girl has not purred, played, and chased imaginary things.  She begs for food and treats and follows Chloe and I every where we go.  I would say those are definite signs of a happy cat and we are only two months into this little adventure.  It is quite remarkable because you can tell she has been through some stuff.

Here she is looking beautiful and up to something at the same time!


I have been planning on going to nursing school to get my BSN for a few years now.  I have been praying about this decision for several years.   After bringing Grace home things started happening.  One night while listening to her purr and trying to fall asleep through my insomnia I decided she was #mysavinggrace.  I had been looking for grace in my situation.  Then it hit me.  I will get my Masters in Counseling.  God has definitely been showing me signs of this for months and the signs all finally came together.  Another night I realized I needed to do more for others in my same situation.  So I decided I would start a support group.  Well another night while trying to sleep I decided my group would be inspired by Grace the Cat.  So here begins the journey that I hope to turn into a foundation for survivors of Sexual Assault.  I eventually want to be able to provide scholarships and support to survivors that want to pursue a social services/counseling path.

This is my Boxer Chloe and Grace watching me get ready for work.  You can sorta see in the right that I am creating a cat walk for #mysavinggrace and I just hope she eventually appreciates it as much as she does her two litter boxes.  (UGH SO ANNOYING!)


My computer is acting weird and I do not have the patience to fix it.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems.  The only issues I fix in this house include wi-fi and printers.  Everything else “I do not know how to do that”.  And by my house, I mean….EVERYWHERE I GO!  So anyway this video is sideways and these two are just the cutest!  I was eating lunch and turned around and thought I was snapping a quick photo!  lol!

This is the beginning of an incredible journey.  I can not wait to see how many people I can help, but even if it is only 1 person then I have fulfilled what my heart set out do to.

I hope you will join and support me on my path of healing.  I hope you will share your stories also.  But most of all I want you to find your peace.

#savinggrace #mysavinggrace #savinggracesupportgroup #metoo



Katie, Grace and Chloe

Published by My Saving Grace

I am just an ordinary girl that has been through more than most people in my short life. I want to help others heal and overcome life's difficult moments by sharing mine. If I help one person then I have done my part. My main goal is to help victims of Sexual Assault find Hope, Healing and Peace from the most difficult thing a person can ever go through. It is a long journey but we will do this together.

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