September 12, 2017

I have grown to dislike the word “survivor” it tells a story in which our media, law makers, politicians refuse to acknowledge.

I need a little Grace

I started writing this a couple months ago. Right about the time I got Grace. I am trying so hard to be upbeat and positive but until you have walked […]

The Dark Side

I have no idea why we have to go to the dark side and truly live it in order to find God. The past few days were more than difficult […]

Suicide and the Bible

A blog that a fellow blogger wrote that spoke to me after losing a friend to suicide. It is worth the read.

Why do we not talk about this more?

Clearly I am tired of “taboo” topics. Rape being the first one. Suicide definitely second. Yesterday morning I got a call with news that a very special person in my […]

I’ve been writing …

I swear….I just haven’t been able to finish. I have so many different topics written out in my head but when I go to type it up I just stare […]